Types of braces

Types of orthodontic braces

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Invisible fixed braces

The ultimate in discreet cosmetic treatment and luxury. Even your partner won’t know you are wearing braces. These braces are fitted behind the teeth making them virtually invisible. Having 60% gold in them, you can enjoy looking at them in your mouth if you manage to see them!

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Invisible removable braces

Straightening your teeth can be a secret! Feel free to leave your brace at home for that special dinner. A clear removable brace. It comes under commercial names of “Invisalign”, “Clear Step”, “Simply 5″ and etc. A similar product is also marketed as “Inman Aligner”.

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See-through fixed braces

Do you want your braces to blend in with your teeth? Here is the answer. The art of camouflage!

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Conventional fixed braces

Cool about your braces showing? Save money on traditional metal braces.

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Conventional removable braces

An affordable way for a range of orthodontic problems when you want to keep things simple.

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Retainers are a type of orthodontic brace, which are usually used after the orthodontic treatment to maintain the final outcome. They can be either removable like a gum shield or fixed, in form of a small metal bar glued behind the teeth. The removable ones are usually worn at bed time.