Removing the braces appointment

Information for patients who are going to have their fixed braces (train tacks) removed)

Your next two appointments are for removing your orthodontic appliances and fitting your retainers in that order. Both of the appointments are on the same day or consecutive working days. The first appointment lasts about 25 to 50 minutes. The second appointment lasts about 5 minutes. We will give you full information about the care of the retainers when we fit them for you.

You need to attend your appointments about 15 minutes before they are due.

Please also note the following:

  • If you miss your first appointment the second one will be automatically cancelled, which means there would be a considerable delay in removing your brace.
  • The second appointment is on the same or next working day as removing your. This is to ensure that your teeth do not move before the retainers are fitted.
  • If you come to your first appointment, but miss the second one, your retainers may not fit at a later time. You will need to have a new set of retainers made and will have to pay for the additional costs of making new retainers as the ones already made may not fit due to the tooth movement.
  • When you are making your appointments please make sure that the appointment dates and times suit you.
  • There is a £30 to £60 charge for failure to attend or late cancellations*.
  • If you arrive late your orthodontist may not be able to remove your braces. This will result in the above charge.
  • We sometimes try to remind you about your appointments the day before or change your appointments via phone. Please make sure we always have your correct telephone number and inform the reception of any changes as soon as possible.
  • It is very important to contact us as soon as possible if there is a breakage in your brace at this stage, as the breakage can cause unwanted movement of your teeth. If this happens we cannot remove your braces and you will need to keep your braces on for longer, usually, a few more months.

* A late cancellation is a cancellation in less than 2 working days before the appointment.